Chase Warren | Salt Lake City, UT

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Chase grew up in the Sugarhouse area. Getting through school and working in the hospitality business, he started the path of taking care of people and building relationships, at local and historic Ruth’s Diner. This was his first taste of learning to navigate so many different personalities!


Chase’s professional career started in construction after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communications, when he was hired by Ace Gutter, a multi-million dollar local, home exterior construction company. The plan was to lead as their Marketing Director and instead, quickly qualified for a position as the Branch Manager for the northern Utah division. This was the foundation of a strong knowledge with home exteriors, new construction and the workings of the sub-contractor process.


After almost a decade this has been Chase’s base for service within the community he loves to serve. Helping homeowners solve conflicts with their new and current homes. Chase takes this knowledge and brings it to those in the community, to not only help those be confident in the home they are purchasing but ensuring the quality of the experience from start to finish.


Now in the market as an agent, Chase has a clear understanding on the consumer side of real estate and the feelings and emotions which can influence decisions. He has purchased multiple homes since 2015 and has loved the process of investing in real estate. This has created a desire in real estate from a hobby to a motivating skill he loves to pursue.


Chase believes having healthy lives are important and providing families with a qualified understanding of the search for a perfect home can be used through his craft as an agent. He understands how to articulate important goals of clients and can provide steps through my knowledge forming a clear picture of how these goals are achievable.


When Chase is not working, he enjoys writing, snowboarding with his two sons and camping with family in the summer and fall. Gardening and home projects, like building Halloween decorations, is a fun interest new to Chase! Sports and fitness is something he keeps in front of him as a goal and having a nice balance of work and play.


Chase is grateful for what he is able to enjoy with his family, he ensures the role as an agent is making a difference in his community; a difference he will measure by the quality of life they are able to create.