Interested in moving to Park City, Utah? Here are a few things to consider.

Commonly known as “America’s Winter Playground,” Park City, Utah is so much more than a skiers paradise. The Canyons are brimming with immaculate homes, delectable food offerings, must-visit breweries, ski lodges, hiking trails, film festivals, and more. If you have ever contemplated or are currently contemplating a move to winter’s favorite city, here are a few things to take into account. 


Where to live in Park City

First and foremost, the Canyons encompass the beautiful mountain landscape of the Park City region giving newcomers a handful of options to consider home.


Silver Springs: Silver Springs offers a quick and easy commute into the valley making it a great place for young families and those working in close proximity.


Jeremy Ranch: Barely a hop, skip, and jump away from Salt Lake City, the valley, the mountains, and a variety of great golf courses, Jeremy Ranch is an attractive location for (and to) many. Although it is a bit farther away from the ski resorts, homes in Jeremy Ranch come with slightly lower price tags.


Trailside: With top-of-the-line schools and a “family-oriented” community culture, Trailside is the first-of-mind option for young families or couples interested in starting one.


Cost of Living

Ranked the 28th most expensive state to live in the United States, Utah falls nearly dead-center for its cost of living. Salt Lake City and Park City come with steeper price tags, but the picturesque views may offset that for some. In Park City, the median home price is just under $800,000 and is perfect for anyone looking to buy a first-family home or expand. Further, the state of Utah ranks 25th nationally for state income taxes with a maximum tax rate of 5%, and property taxes tend to be lower on a home used as a primary residence. 



Transportation, walkability, and rideability are critical factors to take into account when considering a new location to call home. Park City offers a fare-free bus that runs 11 routes throughout the city and is available to both residents and visitors.



Ranging in elevation from 6,400 feet to 9,900 feet, Park City boasts low humidity and an abundance of sunny days, but, it is important to note: you must be able to withstand the snow. As mentioned above, Park City is often referred to as “America’s Winter Playground,” and not without good reason. However, the area offers a pristine four-season paradise, averaging 229 sunny days and 95 inches of snow per year.


While there are pros and cons to living in Park City, be sure to conduct your due diligence and find the ideal location for you.