More about Park City and Summit County’s Sustainable Tourism Plan

Developed in collaboration with a diverse set of 22 community stakeholders, the Sustainable Tourism Plan for Park City and Summit County aims to cultivate a long-range eco-friendly, and sustainable destination plan. 


Formally adopted in November 2022, Summit County’s Sustainable Tourism Plan was developed and presented by the Park City Chamber of Commerce/Convention and Visitors Bureau. The plan outlines a variety of initiatives including, but not limited to preserving natural resources and supporting the local community amid the cyclical influx of visitors. The work of the Stewardship Council is embodied in the Sustainable Tourism Plan’s framework which includes the creation of a vision statement, destination stewardship principles, windsocks, as well as, objectives that detail indicators and initiatives. Let’s take a more in-depth look at each component of this framework. 


Part of the plan’s framework outlines a vision that speaks to the character and forward-thinking goals of Summit County and Park City. Thinking about 2032, “Our vision embraces our Olympic spirit, our love of the outdoors, and the health of our environment as the beating heart of the Summit County experience.”


The plan is centered around five (5) guiding principles that are broad in nature. 

  • Value and respect the health of our local environment and natural resources 
  • Foster our local spirit, our values, our sense of place, and the well-being of our community—residents, employers, employees, and visitors alike 
  • Ensure that benefits of the visitor economy are shared equitably by people of all races, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, and income levels, and by Summit County’s communities 
  • Enable Summit County’s tourism industry to lead by example, championing tourism’s benefits, mitigating its impacts, and harnessing its regenerative power for the community and the environment  
  • Be bold, creative, and action-focused, supporting transparency and measurable outcomes 


The plan details overarching goals to guide its objectives.

  • Implementing sustainable transportation, housing, water, energy, and waste policies.
  • Promoting responsible use and management of our trails and natural recreation areas.
  • Fostering tourism focused on arts and culture.
  • Encouraging visitors to participate in the Sustainable Tourism plan to enforce its success.
  • Re-energizing the Green Business Certification program.
  • Discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives surrounding workforce, housing, and transportation issues.

The plan then goes on to outline objectives and creates a roadmap for accomplishment. 

  • Cultivate local pride and respect for the Park City / Summit County experience.
  • Implement sustainable transportation, housing, water, energy, and waste management policies and initiatives.
  • Protect and manage our natural environment to enable sustainable outdoor recreation.
  • Ensure the long-term resilience of the Park City / Summit County economy.
  • Equalize the economic benefits and mitigate the impacts of the visitor economy.
  • Leverage messaging and programming to accelerate sustainable tourism.
  • Foster the development and management of Park City / Summit County’s art and culture tourism assets

Please click here to review a full copy of the Sustainable Tourism Plan.